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Number one Help Desk you can trust

Our team has the best tools and knowledges to help you quickly, wherever you are.
No need to go out, just contact us!


What We Do

Computer troubleshooting Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad & Android

SOS PC Mac is the computer troubleshooting service, the best hotline, the greatest Helpdesk which everyone can contact, wherever they are.

Whatever your breakdown, question or need, we are here to help you, advise you or guide you.

Computer optimisation

We can help you find things you don’t use, remove old system files and make your sytem faster and safe.

Virus and Spyware Removal

We remove spyware, malware and virus and inform you how to prevent this in the future. We also advise you to the best and cheaper tools to use.

Data Recovery and Backup Plan

We can probably help you recover some datas. Or direct you to our partners.

Network Design

You’re not sure about what is WiFi mesh ? We do. We can help you find the best products for your home or company, and we can help you install them.

Cloud Services

You’re lost about the cloud ? We can help you to understand, put the stuffs at the right place, and to even try to save money.

Cyber Security

We know how it’s hard to stay safe. But we also know the best tools for that. We can concel you and help you to start with them.


Professionals at your service, everywhere

Because you don’t need to move, neither we do, you can save money and time. Still, 97% of requests are solved. So, any hesitation?

  • Problem solved remotely 97% 97%
  • Problem solved in less than 30 minutes 82% 82%
  • Customer satisfaction 93% 93%


Don’t be ashamed

We respect your privacy and we are profesionnals. Plus, we connect to your computer, not your camera

We know it’s not you. We don’t judge, we help. Feel safe, free and confortable. We are available for you.


Working remotely is fun! It’s really like if we were here, except we can be there right now!

Come on! We’re in 2019 now. We can solve things before you would even finish to write a letter. Let’s connect!

If you're a small business, we could be your solution

Managing IT is not a game, it’s a job. So if you can’t afford someone and your needs are not so huge, you can rely on us. We can deploy tools and can manage everything remotely.

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What People Are Saying

Remote support isn’t something I knew, but finally my issue was solved in 15 minutes without moving nor interrupting my work. This is great!


Henceforth, I call for every checkbox I can’t find. It’s fast, reliant and help me to stay productive. I’m not loosing my time anymore.


The first time I called, I asked to send me someone. I was not expecting to get remotely helped in 5 minutes, this was really fast.


The team is great, I’m not afraid if somebody else answer me, they all found the ticker box for me!